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Sesshoumaru & Kagome - RANT


Disclaimer: This isn’t a HATE rant on them… and I don’t hate either characters. I love them both (Sesshoumaru, moreso), this is just a rant I decided to do on this couple. These are my reasonings and I don’t need anyone else to justify them. I don’t hate this couple, either. I just don’t ship them. That’s all.


First off, I want to state that I do ship the incestuous relationship between Sesshoumaru and InuYasha and for good reasons, too, other than they’re hot together (because, they are indeed, hot together). Unlike Kagome and Sesshoumaru, Sess and Inu have one of the biggest relationship development in the entire series.

They go from complete enemies to comrades (even if Sess would deny in any case) in the series. It is true that Sesshoumaru still treats Inuyasha with rough treatment, but that’s just how he is. You can’t change his character.

Which is why I think Sesshoumaru and Kagome is IMPOSSIBLE. Just for that reason.

Sesshoumaru is just a character who ISN’T affectionate (or he’d at least struggle with doing it right) and if he wanted to show any affectionate to anyone, it will most likely be Rin (and no, I do not ship Sess/Rin, either. He’s her father-like figure). Not Kagome.

Kagome is someone who would NEED attention, affection and love. And while… Sesshoumaru has the ability to love, he lacks the other two. Kagome would want someone to snuggle at night with or tell them that they love her. And to me, that would just annoy Sesshoumaru. Kagome’s human and she’s used to it, so of course, she’d want it.

InuYasha, Kouga and Miroku could all give her this… which is why I ship her with those three characters. But Sesshoumaru, I honestly don’t think he can’t.

Another reason is that I think Sesshoumaru’s lover should be a fighter; someone who can defend themselves and someone that he wouldn’t have to worry about getting kidnap because he already has Rin to worry about. I know some of you pro-SessKago fans would be like “Oh Kagome is strong, she can protect herself!” No, she can’t. She gets kidnapped a handful of times and is constantly in danger and needs Inuyasha’s protection.

Rin happens to get in some danger, but nothing like Kagome. I think that Kagome’s ability to get kidnapped would annoy him. Sure, some of you may think that with Sesshoumaru around no one would want to try and kidnap her, but you’d be wrong. In the event that Sesshoumaru had to protect Rin or Kagome, it be Rin and Kagome would be gone.

Sesshoumaru should have someone who can fight along his side and he wouldn’t have to worry about too much (aka Inu, Sango, Kagura, Kikyou) and Kagome just isn’t that person.

Not to mention, Kagome is kinda annoying. Even when she does mature, she’s still a girl from the modern era and would be annoying to Sesshoumaru. And I think, even to the point where he’d go and abandon her just to get away from her. xD

Some of you may think that Kagome and Sesshoumaru would work just because of that one part at the end of the series, where he “protects her” and such. Sure, he did protect her, but not because of any relationship development between the two. In all honesty, Sesshoumaru just isn’t the killing-human type anymore and because Kagome was the key to defeating Naraku, he knew that if she died, they’d be screwed.

Being the smart person that he is, it was smart to bring her with him than to let her defend herself. That is all. Not because he grew these feelings for her. It was nothing like that. Sess has the least relationship development between Kagome, Sango, Miroku and Shippou in the series… which is why I’m not a huge fan of SessSan or SessMir. And Sesshoumaru didn’t kill Sango either when she tried to kill Rin and the old Sesshoumaru would have done that.

There you have it. My reasons for not shipping SesshoumaruKagome. I don’t hate it, I just don’t ship it. Do I think Kagome is annoying? Oh yes I do. Would Sesshoumaru want to rip her throat out if she kept on talking and such? Probably. But do I hate Kagome? Nope. I enjoy her character.

Sesshoumaru just isn’t her knight and shining armor.

Want a great Kagome couple to ship? Go for Miroku/Kagome. They’re really legit. Had Sango not appeared in the series, a new love triangle would have formed.

Threw that in there for you, Becky :’D.

I don’t want any arguments for this. I just wanted to do this because I wanted to do it. I’m sure other people have made rants about this before, or about other couples, and so I added onto this. I’m just bored and wanted something to do :’D

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Kikyo & InuYasha


Kikyo & InuYasha

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(via TEGAKI Blog - - 桜はるか’s Blog)


(via TEGAKI Blog - - 桜はるか’s Blog)

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